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Health Ministries Association provides “Health Briefs” on many different topics related to health and wellness. Some pertain to physical health, some to mental or emotional health, some to spiritual health. Still others relate to family health or congregational health. Health brief information is derived from various credible sources referenced at the bottom of each page.

The Health Briefs are available to everyone and can be reproduced and shared with your group in the form of bulletin inserts, newsletter articles, class discussion starters, or any other means of communication desired. They are formatted in double sided half pages for easy printing, but the information can be copied and used in other forms.

These Health Briefs have been provided since 2005. New research and data may be available as health knowledge expands every year. While HMA attempts to update as often as possible, some of the older topics may still need updating.

Feel free to contact the HMA office if you have questions, concerns, or need access to another version of a particular health brief. 816-833-1000 ext. 1262 or E-Mail.

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